Human Ventures creates and builds innovative technology companies that make life easier and more fulfilling. We cultivate an ecosystem of highly talented and inspired Humans, help our companies build a strong foundation, and raise investment from top-tier investors dedicated to helping set our companies apart.
Our Portfolio
Human Ventures is building and supporting six new companies in our first year. We tailor our approach to best suit each company, depending on its stage and the team we have in place.
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Our Approach
Unlike a traditional VC firm or incubator, Human Ventures operates as a foundry, where great ideas become reality with the right support and network. We select three to five visionary companies a year to co-found with an exceptional team or Human. We are based in New York City, one of the best places in the world to build scalable businesses and have a positive impact on society.
Human Ventures finds Humans with extraordinary vision and energy and partners with them to cultivate the strongest iteration of an idea.
We assemble a team with the experience and insight to build a solid operational foundation.
We deploy our cutting-edge network to secure seed investment and early community adoption.
Human Ventures continues to serve as co-founder, continuously developing, supporting and adding value through multiple stages of growth.